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The MCFF provides emergency grants for currently enrolled Maricopa students. These emergency grants are designed to prevent students from dropping out of school mid-semester due to unforeseen financial emergencies. These one-time grants are given on a first-come, first-served basis per semester. 
Emergency Grant Process:

Faculty members who become aware of a student with an emergency need should contact their MCFF college representative (email is most efficient). They should explain the situation and request an amount on behalf of the student.

The MCFF Board usually makes an award within 24 hours of receiving the request.

MCFF College Contacts:
  • CGCC - Regi Munro (27109,
  • EMCC - Bertha Medina (58921,
  • GWCC - Ilene Borze (68544,
  • GCC - Jim Reed (53631,
  • MCC - Barry Vaughan (S&D - 17120,, John Seims (RM - 47768,
  • PC - Fred Amador (20491,
  • PVCC - Marianna Roccaforte (77158,
  • RSCC - Melanie Abts (78387,
  • SCC - Julie Knapp (36410,
  • SMCC - Tom Kirsch (38140,
The MCFF is an independent 501c3 not-for-profit charitable foundation. Check with your tax advisor for eligible tax deductions.
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