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Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FACPAC)

Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FACPAC)

See our endorsement page to learn more about the candidates we support.


Who can contribute to FacPAC?
Any Faculty Association member or retiree from the association, or their immediate families, can contribute to FacPAC.  The number of people who donate to FacPAC directly corresponds to the amount we can support candidates who share our values.  Every donation, both large and small, helps.  Candidates who deeply care about students and their opportunities at the Maricopa Community Colleges have stepped up to run in this election. If you have questions about contributing, please contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions you have.

I want to contribute FacPAC, but don't fit the above criteria. Can I still donate?
Thank you!  We appreciate your support.  You can help by donating to Friends of Maricopa instead.  Friends of Maricopa PAC is a like-minded organization who shares common goals with FacPAC.
Here is a link to their website: .

Is FacPAC partisan?
No. FacPAC is a non-partisan and non-ideological organization.

Are FacPAC contributions tax deductible?
No. Contributions to political committees are not tax deductible.

Does FacPAC make endorsements in all elections? 
No. FacPAC only makes endorsements in local, county, or state elections where there is a specific interest for the Faculty Association.

What is the Faculty Association PAC?
The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Political Action Committee (FacPAC) is a non-partisan and non-ideological organization, focusing on candidates, legislation, and issues that affect MCCCD faculty and students.  FacPAC seeks to support higher education in Arizona, especially in the Maricopa County Community College District, through active political engagement.  FacPAC is committed to fighting for a non-partisan governing board that puts teaching and learning first in all its decisions.  FacPAC supports ballot initiatives, bond issues, and candidates for Governing Board and the State Legislature that support the Maricopa Community Colleges.

What is Meet and Confer, and when did it begin?
In a message to the Faculty Association in April 2018, Chancellor Emeritus Paul Elsner described the origin of Meet and Confer and how it guided his administrative staff and him:

“I came to Maricopa in the late 70s. ... My work to create a strong Maricopa system with Faculty and staff was most important. When Dr. John Waltrip (former GCC President) was a faculty member, he wrote and edited the original Residential Faculty Policy (RFP) handbook with a faculty team close to four (4) decades ago. This document was intended to define the roles, responsibilities, privileges, and expectations of full-time faculty members, including the Meet-and-Confer as a collaborative and continuous improvement process. During my tenure as Chancellor, I respected and trusted the professional integrity of our residential faculty and the RFP. The RFP guided my administrative staff and me while I was chancellor.

Why was Meet and Confer eliminated?
Meet and Confer was a key element of our shared governance structure at the Maricopa Community Colleges.  Our system of shared governance structure is described in this video about the Faculty Association.

On Feb 27, 2018 a simple majority of the governing board members voted to abolish Meet and Confer, a process that had been in place and working well with faculty and administration for nearly 40 years.  The timeline for abolishing Meet and Confer transpired in under two weeks.  The governing board video and the resolution pertaining to this action are below.

Link to the passed resolution on February 27, 2018: Governing Board Resolution to eliminate Meet and Confer
Link to video: Regular Governing Board Meeting February 27, 2018: Meet and Confer - The Vote 

As for why the four board members voted to eliminate Meet and Confer, some research on these members' past history and current aspirations will illuminate the motivations behind these actions.

The Faculty Association Political Action Committee is committed to fighting for a non-partisan governing board that puts teaching and learning first in all its decisions.  Faculty teaching conditions are student learning conditions.

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Legal Notice:  The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty PAC (“FacPAC”) is a registered political committee. Contributions received by the FacPAC are used to support governing board and other state and local candidates and committees who support the mission of the FacPAC. Contributions to the FacPAC are voluntary and any person has the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. The contribution guidelines are merely suggestions, and a person may contribute more, less, or not at all without concern of favor or disadvantage by the Faculty Association. Contributions to the FacPAC are not tax deductible. State law requires the FacPAC to request the name, address, occupation, and employer for each person whose contributions exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) in a calendar year. If you need additional information, please contact us at (480) 894-8700.

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