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Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FACPAC)

Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FACPAC)

Who We Are

We are a non-partisan and non-ideological organization.  Endorsements are based on extensive interviews by the FacPAC Board.

See our endorsement page to learn more about the candidates we support.

Our Values 

Shared responsibility through shared governance

  • We believe that faculty, staff, and administration at the Maricopa Community Colleges should work collaboratively in a climate of mutual respect. Doing so advances the goals of our educational institution - supporting students in their educational goals to new opportunities and a better life. With true shared governance, the collective wisdom gained from these different perspectives are included and incorporated by a truly collaborative process into a shared vision of the community college mission and its operations that benefits students.  This means a restoration of the Meet and Confer process and other avenues of shared governance that have been severely eroded at Maricopa in the last four years.

Breaking down economic barriers to help students further their educational goals

  • We also believe that restoration of state funding to the community college system is essential to keeping tuition costs down for students. State funding of the Maricopa Community College system in 2009 was $59 million. Current state funding for the Maricopa Community Colleges system is $0. Students and property owners bear the cost of these cuts.

Investing in students' future economic success through the Maricopa Community Colleges

  • The Maricopa Community Colleges system powers economic growth of Maricopa County. Graduates from the Maricopa Community College system are our future mechanics, electricians, nurses, and dental assistants, while students who transfer to four-year institution become our future doctors, accountants, business owners, engineers, teachers, and analysts.

Providing an affordable, high-quality education for students of Maricopa County

  • Community colleges serve the needs of many in our community, whether it is though job training, continuing education, certificates, associate degrees, or transfer credits to a four-year college.

520 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Legal Notice:  The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty PAC (“FacPAC”) is a registered political committee. Contributions received by the FacPAC are used to support governing board and other state and local candidates and committees who support the mission of the FacPAC. Contributions to the FacPAC are voluntary and any person has the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. The contribution guidelines are merely suggestions, and a person may contribute more, less, or not at all without concern of favor or disadvantage by the Faculty Association. Contributions to the FacPAC are not tax deductible. State law requires the FacPAC to request the name, address, occupation, and employer for each person whose contributions exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) in a calendar year. If you need additional information, please contact us at (480) 894-8700.

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