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Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FACPAC)

Faculty Association Political Action Committee (FACPAC)



The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Political Action Committee (FacPAC) supports higher education in Arizona through political engagement.


We are non-partisan and non-ideological, focusing on candidates, legislation, and issues that affect MCCCD faculty and students.

PAC Goals

  • Support Governing Board Candidates Who Support Education
  • Defend Academic Freedom (Teaching and Learning)
  • Defend Shared Governance (Shared Leadership and Responsibility for Sound Decision Making)
  • Defend the Professional Rights of Faculty (Treat Faculty as Learned Professionals)
  • Protect Public Pensions 
  • Influence State Legislation that Impacts Higher Education
  • Influence State and Local Races that Impact Higher Education


See our endorsement page to learn more about the candidates we support.

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520 E. Southern Ave.
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Legal Notice:  The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty PAC (“FacPAC”) is a registered political committee. Contributions received by the FacPAC are used to support governing board and other state and local candidates and committees who support the mission of the FacPAC. Contributions to the FacPAC are voluntary and any person has the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. The contribution guidelines are merely suggestions, and a person may contribute more, less, or not at all without concern of favor or disadvantage by the Faculty Association. Contributions to the FacPAC are not tax deductible. State law requires the FacPAC to request the name, address, occupation, and employer for each person whose contributions exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) in a calendar year. If you need additional information, please contact us at (480) 894-8700.

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