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Protect Your Pension

As a member of the Arizona Retirement Security Coalition (ARSC),  the Faculty Association works to provide faculty and staff information and resources they need to understand and protect our pension. Currently, private interest groups are planning legislation to move ASRS members into a 401k defined contribution style plan.

Why is that a problem?

ASRS is a defined benefit plan where employers guarantee a specific retirement benefit amount for each participant. On the other hand, a defined contributed style plan is funded primarily by the employee and are invested at the participant’s direction. The employer has no obligation toward the account’s performance.

Learn more about ASRS and what is happening by watching the recording of the Save Your Pension event hosted by PC Faculty Senate and the Faculty Association. You can also view the presentation.

Remember and Share:

  • Pensions are under attack all over the state and country via proposals to fundamentally weaken public retirement systems by turning them into defined contribution (401k-style) systems.
  • This matters because ASRS is your pension system.·
  • Don’t let them create a crisis that is “solved” by weakening our pension.·
  • We need to organize and be proactive NOW.
  • Learn more about ASRS Facts and Figures

What Can I Do Now to Support MY ASRS Pensions?

ARSC Core Coalition Members

AARA - Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans

AASRA - All Arizona School Retirees Association

ACEP - Arizona Center For Economic Progress

AEA - Arizona Education Association

AEA Retired - Arizona Education Association Retired

AFL - CIO - American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations

AFT – American Federation of Teachers

AFSCME - American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees

MCCFA – Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association

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The Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association is a 501(c)5 voluntary labor organization composed of current and retired Residential Faculty of the ten Maricopa Colleges.

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